Exporting to & Distributing in India

September 2018

Exporting to & Distributing in India

India, the fifth largest consumer market in the world, and with nearly half of its 1.30 billion population under 25, continues to be an extremely attractive market for exports or overseas investments plans for global organisations. However, to leverage the wide-ranging opportunities in this vast and diverse market, it is imperative to learn about India and the involved complexities. For example, exports and distribution of products involve a broad understanding of export documentation, foreign currency management, marking & labelling, tariffs, and regulations and licensing.

In short, you will require a constructive and structural approach to overcome such barriers.

The elementary question while exporting to India is how and where you want to initiate: Mumbai, the financial capital; Delhi, the government centre; Bangalore, the IT outsourcing hotspot; or other major cities such as Kolkata, Chennai or Hyderabad. For certain products, Tier I or Tier II cities may also be a starting point. Although creating a local presence in India is strongly recommended, and if your company is not prepared to set up a subsidiary or a branch office, you can get on-the-ground presence by appointing a representative or a distributor. The selection of the right distributor is of paramount importance.

Our team at T&A has regional and sectoral expertise, which is well recognised by key organisations and influencers, both in India and rest of the world. We can help your company ease the process of your exports to India. Our experts can assist you with due diligence and  background checks on partners, agents and distributors.

To take advantage of T&A Consulting’s range of services, please write to us, and we shall revert to you at the earliest.