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Case Study

Finnish Manufacturer of Invitro Diagnostics Reagents

Market Intelligence & Opportunity Assessment Study

Client Objectives

  • Develop an  in-depth understanding on the Indian In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Reagents market
  • Identification of market entry routes, competition mapping, customer analysis, distribution and procurement strategy of peer groups
  • Detailed assessment of market trends and demand drivers in the sector, Indian import export dynamics for reagents and identification of target customers through preliminary interest qualification.


  • Market Segmentation & Sizing of Indian In-Vitro Diagnostic Reagents market: Based on Products, Medical Application, End Users
  • Import Export Dynamics, market trends and demand drivers of In-Vitro Diagnostic Reagents in India
  • Key foreign players in the Indian market, nature of presence and Product Portfolio offering of foreign players  including distribution strategy
  • Foreign Players as "Potential Customers" for the client in India
  • Mapped 25 leading Indian IVD Manufacturers in India (focus on Reagents & Rapid Test kits), ascertained procurement channel and distribution strategy of Indian IVD Manufacturers for Antibodies and Antigens
  • Preliminary Interest Qualification of IVD Manufacturers for sourcing reagents from the client


  • Detailed advisory which included in-depth sectoral analysis, target customer and competition analysis, distribution & procurement strategy and Indian market entry route
  • The report also included detailed profiles including decision makers of major global and domestic reagent manufacturers and preliminary interest qualification for partnering with the client