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Case Study

Swiss Manufacturer of Two-Component Adhesive Cartridges and Hand-held Adhesive Dispensing Systems in India

Opportunity Assessment & Competition Benchmarking

Client Objectives

  • An understanding of adhesives, cartridges and dispensing systems market in India
  • Identification of market entry routes, import-export trends, distribution channels and key players operating in market landscape
  • Detailed assessment of market trends and use of cartridge based adhesive and dispensing systems in construction, transportation (automobile and aerospace), electronics, footwear, HVAC, paper and renewable energy sectors


  • Market Overview of Adhesives (including applications), Cartridges and Hand held Dispensing Guns
  • Competitor Landscape of adhesive based Cartridges and Dispensers in India with an insight on global brands and pricing
  • Identification of customer clusters and geographical hotspots for adhesives and sealants usage
  • Mapping adhesive manufacturers and understanding their business model for cartridges and dispensers
  • Regulatory framework with a focus on taxation policy and certification requirements for import of cartridges and hand held dispensing guns in India


  • Detailed advisory report which included detailed sectoral overview, target customer analysis and in-depth research on the distribution models of similar products
  • The report also included detailed profiles of major global and domestic two-component adhesive manufacturers, cartridge and hand held dispensing guns manufacturers, importers and distributors in India