T&A Celebrates International Women's Day, March 2018

Posted: March 2018

"Team As we ALL (yes I include all our male colleagues who are working at their desks) celebrate women's day we should be proud of the diversity and strength which our women colleagues bring to the organization. For us, diversity and inclusiveness is just not a fad which we shout from rooftops, we implement it efficiently and effectively. We are proud to have such a women team with all A players who despite commitments at various ends deliver their professional responsibilities to the highest level. Amongst many things which we can learn from them i.e. equanimity, diligence, commitment, humility, one thing which stands out is "Grit". Each one of you has shown your true mettle and how behind a soft demeanour stands a woman who is strong and faces challenges and adversity with that unbeatable "Grit". Have a great day and successful future ahead"