Helsinki to host DTTT Global 2018

The Finnish capital will host a global digital travel marketing event from 29 to 30 November 2018. More than 400 representatives of leading travel destinations are expected to participate in the event.

Helsinki is viewed as a technical leader in creating digital solutions attracting international attention that helped to secure the hosting of DTTT Global 2018.

Digital Tourism Think Tank is a two day-conference for destinations involved in digital marketing projects. 

Helsinki will be keen to show off its digital tools especially ones that engage local residents to share their knowledge of the city with visitors.

" is a new digital platform that was launched, last year, with content fully provided by locals that meet visitor needs,” said Helsinki Marketing CEO Laura Aalto.

Digital Tourism Think Tank CEO, Nicholas Hall:  “Finland really is on top of its game when it comes to tech and innovation, but with changing needs of the millennial traveller and the growth of Asian markets, it’s also proven to be a dark horse in tourism and is exemplary for everything the DTTT stands for.”

DTTTGlobal, the flagship event of the Digital Tourism Think Tank, gathers marketers, worldwide, giving them a platform to share and learn from others in the digital marketing space.

Some of the conversations at the event will touch on blockchain, spaceships and robots with sessions on what ‘digizens’ call “transformative travel.”

How to digitally target the Asian market will also be a key topic of the conference. With the Asian market growing significantly, staying relevant in this constantly evolving market is one of the biggest challenges DMOs are facing worldwide.

One of the highlights of this year’s event will be the Finnish start-up Space Nation, which will discuss how space travel puts our focus beyond the horizon to rethink the meaning of travel altogether.

Source: Travel News Digest