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Case Study

European family owned business, specializing in low-floor buses, including midi-buses, full-size single-deckers, two- and three-axle double-deckers and articulated vehicles

India Market Entry

Market Oppurtunity

  • The UK-based company had in place firm plans to deriůe at least 30% of its turnover from export sales/external operations by 2015 and India represented a significant opportunity for the company

Market Intelligence

  • Product range i.e. bus models and specifications which were suited to and commercially viable for the Indian market.
  • Price points, positioning, target segment and projected volumes

Partner Identification

  • A partner with a successful track record was identified and senior management meetings and plant visits were held both in India and in Europe.
  • Contractual agreement was finalized in 2014.

Location Analysis

  • A site location measuring approximately 40 acres was finalized for setting up of the bus assembly plant.
  • Meetings were held with the respective state governments and the authorities responsible for the selected industrial park

Supply Chain Development

  • T&A assisted in identifying suitable vendors in India, preparing a shortlist of potential vendors and performing reasonable due diligence on the short-listed ůendors.

India Set-Up

  • T&A worked as the de-facto project office of the client for a period of 18 months
  • T&A managed the recruitment and selection of key managerial staff including Managing Director of the Indian operations
  • Co-ordinated and eŵpedited all releůant goůernment building and manufacturing statutory approvals
  • Provided local representation wherever necessary
  • Liaised with contractors and vendors
  • Reviewed and advised on office lease agreement
  • Advised and drafted employment agreements
  • Provided project monitoring and tracking to ensure all programmes remain on schedule
  • Provided assistance with negotiation of vendor/contractor price and payment terms
  • Attended weekly remote progress assessment meetings